Structural Engineering – Commercial and Industrial Services

Large or small commercial and industrial structural engineering solutions for architects, and builders based in Auckland

The Best Structural Engineering Services for Commercial and Industrial Projects in Auckland

Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial project in Auckland by ProConsult

We can undertake the entire Structural Engineering process

For larger projects, the structural portions of any building project involve a Prime Consultant who pre-selects their team members from various sources and promotes their combined strengths in a proposal to prospective clients.

We can support these larger projects by providing a skilled resource from which to draw on a contract basis.

We work with many and various large Companies and Councils

We’ve honed our abilities, we’re professional and transparent.

  • We can design your building maintenance programme.
  • Conduct building inspections.
  • Plan renovations and alterations.
  • Undertake consent applications.
  • Report on assessments of need, including strengthening and replacement needs.
  • Difficult access? We’ve done it.
  • Short time frames? Yes, sometimes we can.
Drafting 3D Cade by ProConsult Structural Engineering
Another Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial project in Auckland by ProConsult

We provide Structural Solutions for the Commercial and Industrial market including, but not limited to:

  • buildings for infrastructure
  • retrofitting including highest and best use
  • commercial and industrial alterations
  • tank designs
  • maintenance programmes

Why choose Us

Structural engineering skills are applied to your project to find the right solution for your commercial or industrial needs. 

Not only do we resolve your design issues for and during the consenting stage, but we can also provide construction phase solutions, more often than not with on-the-spot resolutions that save time and money.

In addition to New Zealand and international engineering degrees held by the team, Stewart Hobbs, Principal Engineer, has a Masters of Business Administration and his background is complemented with industrial work in difficult or dangerous access situations, asbestos handling and industrial building remediation.

ProConsult Civil and Structural Engineering and Drafting team on site in Auckland

What our Clients have to say

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