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Expertise in Structural Engineering & Architectural Drafting Services

Residential, civil, commercial and industrial structural engineering and drafting expertise in Auckland

Structural Engineering - why choose us at ProConsult Structural Engineering

Structural Engineers Residential Auckland

Boutique Auckland-based structural engineering consultancy, mainly providing for residential housing needs with our structural and civil engineering skills.

Drafting & Architectural Services In Auckland

Our architectural drafting services allow us to specialise in turn-key design and consent lodgement for Building Consents and Resource Consents. A true one-stop shop.

Proconsult Civil Engineering and small works retaining wall in Auckland

Civil Engineering And Small Works In Auckland

Site works including, retaining walls, pile design, raft foundations, remedial slope works, ground retention and stability. Drainage for small sites including stormwater, wastewater and pipe bridging.

Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial Auckland - Proconsult

Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial Auckland

Working with many and various large companies and with councils, we’ve honed our abilities and are professional and transparent.

Specialist Engineering

If you need specialist advice on the durability of concrete structures at all stages of deterioration and during the design process, this is just one area ProConsult has experience. Analyses of crack propagations, life cycle analysis and remedial techniques for concrete are amongst our specialities.

Stewart Hobbs at his desk - Proconsult

More about us

ProConsult has a range of services to suit small jobs like inspections or beam designs to larger projects. We can either work alone or alongside your architect and builder.

what our clients have to say

Cross lease to Freehold

Cross-lease to Freehold

Although cross-leases are more complicated than usual freehold titles, these problems can usually be minimised if owners of the cross-lease properties thoroughly understand their rights ...
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Protection from Fire for Residential Homes

Protection from Fire for Residential Homes in NZ

Protection from fire for residential homes in NZ mainly relate to higher density housing, New code building changes are being considered
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Contracts and Insurance for Residential Construction

Contracts and Insurance for Residential Construction

So, you’re going to build or alter your new home. We highly recommend you have a robust contract in place, along with adequate insurance.
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Structural Damage from weather

Structural Damage from Weather

In case of property damage caused by natural disasters or severe weather events, follow these essential steps to minimise further loss and ensure proper assessment ...
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structural engineers discuss about project

Structural Engineers – When Do I Need to Hire One?

Structural Engineers – When Do I Need to Hire One? Are you about to start building or renovating your home or business premises? If so, ...
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builder and architect shake hand in front of building

My easy guide on applying for Code of Compliance Certificate

I’ll explain in detail what a Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) is, who can apply, what the process is, what you need & what happens ...
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