Structural Engineers, Architectural Design and Drafting in Auckland

Niche all in one, structural engineers and architecture drafting services with an in-house solution for quick & easy building consents.

Structural Engineering - why choose us at ProConsult Structural Engineering

Structural Engineers Residential Auckland

Boutique Auckland-based structural engineers, mainly providing for residential housing needs with our structural and civil engineering skills.

Drafting & Architectural Services in Auckland

Our architectural drafting services allow us to specialise in turn-key design and consent lodgement for Building Consents and Resource Consents. A true one-stop shop

Proconsult Civil Engineering and small works retaining wall in Auckland

Civil Engineering and Small Works in Auckland

Site works including, retaining walls, pile design, raft foundations, remedial slope works, ground retention and stability. Drainage for small sites including stormwater, wastewater and pipe bridging.

Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial Auckland - Proconsult

Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial Auckland

Working with many and various large companies and with councils, we’ve honed our abilities and are professional and transparent.

Specialist Engineering Auckland

If you need specialist advice on the durability of concrete structures at all stages of deterioration or during the design process, this is just one area ProConsult has experience. Analyses of crack propagations, life cycle analysis and remedial techniques for concrete are amongst our specialities.

Stewart Hobbs at his desk - Proconsult

More about us

ProConsult has a range of services to suit small jobs like inspections or beam designs to larger projects. We can either work alone or alongside your architect and builder.

We are boutique Auckland-based structural engineers, mainly providing for residential housing needs with our structural and civil engineering skills.

We also have experience with some large corporates in difficult environments: asbestos, salt environments, tanks, towers and silos, and some with access challenges.

Forensic building analysis and specialist engineering advice for various building sectors.

In addition, we supply architectural designs, drafting and plans.

Our structural engineers and drafting team have a wealth of experience on residential, high rise, commercial, infrastructure and industrial sites in countries including New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Vietnam and Somalia.

In addition to New Zealand and international engineering degrees held by the team, Stewart Hobbs, Principal Engineer, has a Masters of Business Administration and his background is complemented by industrial work in difficult or dangerous access situations including asbestos handling and industrial building remediation.

Stewart is also a committee member of SESOC and Life Member (Structural Engineering Society New Zealand).

Structural Engineering – Residential - Icon - Proconsult

Structural Engineering – Residential

Not only do we resolve your design issues for and during the consenting stage, but we can also provide construction phase solutions, more often than not with on-the-spot resolutions that save time and money.

Architectural drafting services - Icon - Proconsult

architectural drafting services

Our consent plans and documentation not only meet the requirements of the consenting authority, but we also provide the necessary details for your builder which saves you time and money.

Civil Engineering Auckland - Icon - Proconsult

Civil Engineering Auckland - Small Works

Do you need retaining walls? Siteworks or temporary works? Drainage can be especially complicated, but we have worked all over Auckland and further afield managing stormwater and wastewater for small lots.

Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial Auckland - Icon - Proconsult

Structural Engineering Commercial and Industrial

We can undertake the entire structural engineering process or give assistance to other teams. For larger projects, the structural engineering services will involve a Prime Consultant.

Specialist Engineering Auckland - Icon - Proconsult

Specialist Engineering Auckland

We can also provide special knowledge on paint systems and technical coatings and specialist advice in areas such as concrete repair and water ingress on high rise and multi-unit buildings.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“In January of 2023 Auckland suffered a day of record rainfall followed by Cyclone Gabriel. During the rainfall our pole house, on a steeply sloping section, was damaged. Some poles moved, causing doors to jam and cracks to appear in Gib Board walls.

We were left with  a 10 metre long crack in the earth behind (inside the house profile) the bottom row of poles. Council inspectors attended and our house was yellow stickered, meaning we could live in the house but not use some areas.

On recommendation we contacted Stewart Hobbs of ProConsult.  Stewart did a site inspection and subsequently produced a plan of action to rectify the damage and to safely future proof the house. Stewart’s recommendation was to replace all four of the bottom poles. We had nine months of dialogue with our insurance company and EQC and I have to say that if I had not been for Stewart, we would not have arrived at the favourable outcome and settlement that we did.

Stewart recommended a company to gain access for the diggers and dig the 600 millimetre x  7 metre deep holes, fill them with concrete, steel cages and cap. He also recommended a firm of builders to reinstate 2 decks and build a new concrete block retaining wall.

These people all did excellent work , as did the employees from Stewart’s office and the Geotech engineers he had to engage from time to time. Stewart  arranged all permitting, site inspections and he will complete the final sign off and removal of the yellow stickers from the house title.

It goes without saying, that we would most definitely highly recommend Stewart and his company”.

John and Michelle Hotham

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