Welcome to ProConsult.

ProConsult is a structural and civil engineering business, providing architectural designs, structural analyses & specialist advice.

30-plus years of professionalism and consultative partnerships in structural engineering.

ProConsult are here to help owners, developers, occupiers and agents to deal with your building dreams and nightmares

We are a boutique Auckland-based structural engineering consultancy, mainly providing for residential housing needs with our structural and civil engineering skills. We’re also experienced with forensic building analysis and specialist engineering advice for various sectors. In addition, we supply architectural designs, drafting and plans.

Do you need help with new house plans? Want to alter a residential building? Have a dwelling to reclad? Need a retrospective consent?  Or are you in the commercial or industrial fields: we have experience with some large corporates in difficult environments: asbestos, salt/wet, tanks, towers and silos, some with access challenges.

Perhaps you need an engineering specialist to survey, recommend and write a report on high rise or multi-units? ProConsult has local and recent experience in all these fields.

ProConsult provides design services for structural and small civil works. We are Auckland Council registered to prepare plans, producer statements and Certificates of Design Work. Do you need house plans? Structural calculations? Large job or small? Various materials? Balustrade and deck design, inspection and repair are a common undertaking for us, both residentially and commercially. We do it all and you’ll work alongside the engineer who is assigned to your project

New builds and alterations from beginning to end. We have a multitude of experience with simple and complex projects alike. Or let us work alongside your own architect to ensure the structural and civil works are correct from the start of the project.

Small civil works are part of our everyday job. Do you need retaining walls? Siteworks or temporary works? Drainage can be especially complicated, but we have worked all over Auckland and further afield managing stormwater and wastewater for small lots. Land Development for small lots is another area ProConsult can help you with.

With our background in the Auckland market, we have encountered many different situations. Working with many and various large companies and with councils, we’ve honed our abilities and are professional and transparent. We can design your building maintenance programme. Conduct building inspections. Plan renovations and alterations. Undertake consent applications. Report on assessments of need, including strengthening and replacement needs. Difficult access? We’ve done it. Short time frames? Yes, sometimes we can. Complex issues? Our Principal engineer, Stewart Hobbs, is often called on for professional advice by Councils and Body Corporates.

Contact us for commercial and Industrial work including building analysis such as failure analysis and reports, durability analysis and repair of distressed structures.

We can provide specialist advice in areas such as concrete repair and water ingress on high rise and multi-unit buildings. Do you have a problem with a non-consented building addition or alteration? ProConsult can help with retro-fitting and retro-consenting. ProConsult is authorised in Asbestos Management

ProConsult has a range of services to suit small jobs like inspections or beam designs to larger projects. We can either work alone or alongside your architect and builder. We deliberately keep our team small so that we can provide services directly and more personally to our clients. You’ll be dealing with the engineer on your project.

Multi-disciplinary experience across the ProConsult team

The ProConsult engineers together have a wealth of experience on residential, high rise, commercial, infrastructure and industrial sites in countries including New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Vietnam and Somalia. In addition to New Zealand and international engineering degrees held by the team, Stewart Hobbs, Principal Engineer, has a Master of Business Administration and his background is complemented with industrial work in difficult or dangerous access situations, asbestos handling and industrial building remediation.

We pride ourselves on providing a consultative environment, personal service and strong commitment to engineering excellence. 

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Comprising 5 engineers and 3 architectural draughts people, we are well positioned to assist you with your house design or alterations, commercial project or industrial maintenance. We strive to assist home owners, developers, managers and architects with complex alterations in a timely and proficient manner. You can trust us to manage design and compliance issues on your behalf.

  • New house design
  • Alters, renovations and re-clads
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Architectural plans drawn up, or we can work alongside your own architect
  • Failure analysis for commercial or industrial sites
  • Reports for council or Insurance purposes
  • Retrospective work
  • Temporary works
  • Stormwater and wastewater design for small lots
  • Full building consent processing in all contexts
  • Experience in Auckland, Rarotonga, Ohope, Wanaka, Queenstown, Taupo and further

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